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9th October 2013

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Audiostacja Poland

Audiostacja is one of the most dynamic pro-audio / MI distributors in Poland. Founded in 2004 from the merger of two companies active in Poland since 1999, Audiostacja has very quickly become the distributor of choice for many world-class manufacturers.

Proudly serving as exclusive Polish distributor for over 30 brands including PreSonus, TC-Electronic (TC Helicon, Tannoy and Dynaudio) Waves, AKAI, DPA, RME, ADAM, RODE, SONY and now Universal Acoustics their efforts are split between two main groups of customers.

Music Dealers -
We work with almost every music shop and pro-audio outlet in Poland. Our salesman are on the road every day and maintain a close relationship with our dealers. Result? The most loyal dealer network you can get.

Professional customers -
Our top of the range solutions are sold directly to TV / Radio Broadcast. Film production facilities and Theaters and Rental companies

Patryk Korzonkowski, Product Manager explains:

"We work closely with the professional music press and web portals in Poland and our products are advertised regularly. The Polish market is growing and purchasing power is getting stronger, slowly but surely and we are extremely confident that 2014 will prove very successful us and our partners.

We plan to continue building our team. We have our own fully equipped faciity with brand new offices, service department and warehouse which have just been extended and adapted for new challenges and now equipped with a new Sales/CRS system enabling our dealers to browse and order products anytime 24/7 with constant stock updates"

Why did you decide to distribute Universal Acoustics in Poland?

"This was an irrestable opportunity to make our product portfolio complete. We have been aware of the demand for high quality acoustic treament for a long time and when one of the most renowned brands became available in Poland we absolutely jumped at the opportunity without any hesitation.

Especially nowadays the customer is looking for an answer Am I really getting good value for my hard earned money? Honestly, I believe here comes the answer. I am very delighted to be able to offer our dealers and customers a famous name range of great quality products at such a reasonable price. The breadth of UA products allows us to meet the needs of small digital-based recording studios as well as state of the art broadcast facilities. I am confident that our co-operation will be beneficial to all concerned, especially our quality concious clients.

How do you see the potential for growth and demand for acoustic room treatment products in Poland?

Nothing can improve your listening experience as much as good room acoustics treatment. Nowadays I believe that even modest audio gear can produce jaw-dropping sound quality if the room itself is performing properly. As for the Polish market, our job is not only to grow the market for acoustic materials but more importantly we are here to educate our dealers and customers.

People often forget that room's acoustic are equally important to any other part of their 'sound system'. The potential for growth is substantial, the same goes for the demand. Each person willing to have speakers or interface should be considered as potential customer for Universal Acoustics products.

Talking about general potential I would consider some economic issues. Step by step Poland is chasing the western Europe. Our country with a population over 38,5 million inhabitants is the largest member of the European Union among all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In fact we're the 8th biggest economy in the EU. We become more wealthy but this type of changes simply needs time to take effect. To sum up we are very eager and optimistic about these products, I believe that there will be many very appreciative and satisfied customers.

Universal Acoustics's Paul Eastwood comments:

"Being aware of the constantly growing music production market and comparitively healthy economy in Poland we were thrilled when Audiostacja agreed to become our exclusive distributor.

Patryk and his team have built an enviable reputation for providing great studio products combined with outstanding customer service and we are delighted to have them represent the Universal Acoustics brand throughout Poland"

Audiostacja Logo

Visit Audiostacja online at: www.audiostacja.pl

Telephone: 22 616 13 86
Email: info@audiostacja.pl


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