German Dealer Tour Diary

June 2012

Tuesday, June 18th
Music Store, Cologne
Contact persons: Valentin Conradi (Sales Recording), Albert Lohmar (Head of Recording Department)

Music Store, Cologne

Tour Result: Universal Acoustics product range warmly accepted above their existing brands and Hyperactive were commissioned to critically acoustically treat their new microphone test room exclusively with Universal Acoustics components. Universal Acoustics products now listed in their online store, and Strong customer interest and order levels already building.

Musik Produktiv, Ibbenbüren
Contact person: Sven Pritzlaff (Head of Recording Department)

Musik Produktiv, Ibbenbüren

Tour Result:
Sven is now fully behind Universal Acoustics and has listed some room kits, has placed orders and commissioned Hyperactive to install acoustic treatment behind the monitoring section of their demo suite exclusively with Universal Acoustics components. Furthermore, the UK division of Musik Productiv has now started to offer the Universal Acoustics brand.

Wednesday, June 19th
APKE Tontechnik, Krefeld
Contact person: Guido Apke (Owner)

Friendly reception. Guido is typical high-end studio and acoustic consultant. Kind of a 'mad professor', highly respected within the German studio scene. A real room acoustics expert; just by speaking into a bass trap he can judge its effectiveness and its cut-off frequency.

Tour Result:
Universal Acoustics would be very pleased for Guido to recommend Universal Acoustics products to his high end clients.

Session Music, Frankfurt (15:30)
Contact persons: Andreas Velte (Head of Purchase), Thomas Junge (Head of Recording Department)

Extremely welcoming reception, offered us a lot of time. Highly interested in Universal Acoustics, they also liked the Hyperactive print advertising and the UA acoustic room treatment brochure.

Tour Result: All thumbs up! They will put Universal Acoustics products to their online store. Are completely satisfied that Hyperactive took on distribution of the UA line, and for this very fact alone they are convinced that Universal Acoustics offers quality products.

Session Music, Walldorf (18:00)
Contact person: Roger (Head of Recording Department

Visit to brand new superstore.

Tour Result:
Nice polite reception. Indicated they are intending to come on board, as soon as Session Frankfurt successfully starts selling Universal Acoustics.

Thursday, June 20th
Rock Shop, Karlsruhe (10:00)
Contact persons: Frank Herzog (Head of Recording Department), Marco Guttenberger (Web Administrator), Thomas Lichtenwalter (Sales Recording)

Rock Shop, Karlsruhe

Very friendly reception, great introduction by Hyperactive's Wolfgang, they were amazingly interested in the subject and also quite knowledgable. They all said that the print adverts and the acoustic room treatment guide are gorgeous, uncomplicated and would be very helpful for their customers. They completely understood the huge sales potential of affordable acoustic room kits.

Tour Result: Universal Acoustics products are already in their online store. Hyperactive will treat their monitor room with Universal Acoustics components. purchases orders already coming through.

Soundland, Fellbach (14:30)
Contact person: Cengis Kocas (Head of Recording Department)

Soundland, Fellbach

Tour Result: Currently sells other brands and was previously unaware of Universal Acoustics products, but as an ongoing Hyperactive dealer indicated "once they eventually go for something they do it pretty powerfully"

Music World, Augsburg
Contact person: Andi Göbl (Head of Recording Department)

Music World, Augsburg

We had to wait a while as they we so busy but then we were truly welcomed. Andi had a long and thorough conversation with Wolfgang and Paul, and even sacrificed an hour for us after the shop was officially closed. He loves our Acoustic Room Treatment Guide: "Finally there's an understandable guide that basically tells you everything you need to know."

Tour Result: Universal Acoustics products were immediately listed in their online store. We will provide Andi with sample tiles and bass traps which he will mount to a large wooden board that will be placed (along with a Universal Acoustics logo board) just next to the entrance of their recording sales room.

Friday, June 21st
Piano Werner (Music Station), Aiterhofen (10:00)
Contact person: Martin Schmitt (Head of Recording Department)

Music Station, Aiterhofen

Very friendly reception by the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Werner. Martin is a real 'Pro', he studied music and guitar at high school, he lived and worked for three years in Liverpool and he really enjoyed talking to Paul in perfect accent-free English. Prior to his job at Music Station he professionally ran his own recording studio. Tends to recommend highest quality products to any given customer irrespective of budget, but now with access to the Universal Acoustics range he's able to finally offer best quality with great value.

Tour Result: He welcomed us to treat the monitor demo room in the shop as well as his own private studio with Universal Acoustics absorbers.

Just Music - München
Contact person: Sebastian Kohlmeier (Head of Recording Department)

Just Music -  München

Perfect conclusion to a successful week. Great overall atmosphere in a seriously busy shop, very friendly and motivated staff. Sebastian is a really nice person, a very experienced sales guy and he likes working with Hyperactive. He is extrememly interested in handling Universal Acoustics and will deliberately remove all the existing and extensive other brand panels in their huge demo room and would be more than glad to exchange them by modern Universal Acoustics components.

Tour Result:
Awaiting purchasing colaboration with the other two Just Music branches in Frankfurt and Hamburg


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